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Ultrasonic LED Facial Ioniser (White)

Ultrasonic LED Facial Ioniser (White)

Ultrasonic LED Facial Ioniser (White)

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2020 Korea Leading Technology

With the combination of Nasa-inspired technology, Low Frequency and Sonic Therapy, this handheld ioniser effectively stimulates cells help to boost overall skin health through the following functions: 

  • Boost the absorption of active ingredients in skincare products by 10x!
  • V-shape to contour and lift the face while alleviating water retention
  • Pore tightening and skin rejuvenation
  • Red Light: Renewal and repair of damaged skin cells by boosting collagen and elastin production with red light
  • Blue Light: Calms acne-prone and sensitive skin while treating congested skin

Mode 3,4,5
are coupled with micro current to stimulate collagen and skin rejuvenation, elimination of bacteria and promote skin healing.

It is normal to feel some light static feeling for the start especially on open wound.

Different Level? - 
Always start the mode with level one and scale upwards 

Different LED? - Blue or red light depending on your skin needs

Usage Instructions:

Mode 1 - cleansing (use with cotton and toner or make up remover to cleanse our face deeply)

Mode 2 - cool (can be use after mode 1 or mode 4) without additional skin care product is fine

Mode 3 - EMS mode (it can be use with or without facial lifting product to stimulate muscles & face lifting)

Mode 4 - moisturising (it can be use with face mask or your own facial moisturiser or essence to allow better absorption)

Mode 5 - it can be use after mode 4 to lock the skin care products

Frequency of Usage
Mode 1 & 2 can be used daily
Mode 3,4,5 can be used 1-2 times according to individual skin condition

Product of Korea

Name: EMS Hot & Cool Skincare Device

Input: DC 5V

Vibration: 8000 (+10) rpm

Charging current: 500mA

Battery capacity: 1000mAh

Net weight: 145g

Machine size: 175* 55* 67mm

Model: BLK-D818

Temperature: 6-42C (+5” degree Celsius)

Charging time: 2.5h

Power: MAX 8.5W

Standby time: 45days

Use time: 5min/time or 2min/time

Box size: 215* 150* 80mm


Is there any warranty?
Yes, there is. One year warranty.

Can mode 3,4,5 be used everyday?
We will advise you to use 1-2 times a week, depending on your skin condition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Love this but took a while to figure how to use it, will see how it works out over time, but overall am very happy with my purchase

Very Satisfied

Just started using, and my skin feels and looks so much better. It's the best!

Ultrasonic LED Facial Ioniser

This is quite pricey but after purchasing I've has no regrets since. Has become the perfect addition to my routine and now I can also enjoy skincare treatment within the comfort of my home, it's really relaxing too.

Very Satisfied

it's just what I needed to complete my routine! came in such good condition too


Finally came, can’t wait to try it out!