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Our filters are designed to be children friendly as well and the gentle scents also transform a shower into a bonding experience between mother and child as it attracts active children into the shower during bath time!
With over 10 exclusive scents, these premium filters are products of Korea, one of the beauty and wellness centres of the world. Prized for their safe applications, our filters also remove chlorine and other harmful particles in water, in turn preventing eczema and rashes.

Refresh Wellness is committed to helping individuals around the world build closer and tighter relationships through wellness offerings. We believe that when people take care of each other, they will love each other more day after day.
Refresh Wellness, Caring through Wellness.

Based on 93 reviews
So far so good!

Have been using it for close to a month, can’t feel the difference on skin but the filter does turn a little brownish

Gd for problem skin

Baby was having some skin allergy and after using this the redness was gone within 3 days. I love the filter that keep my baby skin back to smooth and goodπŸ‘πŸ»

Strawberry freshness!

Whole family’s loving it!


Been using these filters for a while, it is really refreshing and relaxing. Love the after shower smell.

Good Product

Kids love the smell and enjoy their shower session everyday.
Will continue to purchase it the price is right.

Good Product

Kids love the smell and enjoy their shower session everyday.
Will continue to purchase it the price is right.


Nice n refreshing lemon smell which clam down the body after a Long day .

Refresh Collagen Milk Shower Filter (Lavender)

The lavender smell just make showering moment such an enjoyment, my kids love it. My skin really improve ever since i started using the filter.

Refresh staff is friendly and flexible too. As i needed to get it urgently as a gift for a friend, they immediately act on it once I put in my order instead of processing it with the usual SLA.

Highly recommend.

Refresh nutrient soap

Have been using the refresh nutrient soap for my dry-eczema prone hands & as a body soap for the last 2 weeks. Realize my eczema issues getting better & lesser flare ups.

Wonderful Rose Scent

As soon as I turn on the shower, I knew that I will order this Rose Scent again. Definitely inside my top 3 scents to have/try.

Strawberry Collagen Milk Shower Filter

E fragrance is nice & after shower e whole bathrm smell lovely

Pleasant smell with great benefits

Have been using Refresh Wellness shower filters for nearly 9 months now. We all love how soft our skin is now and having nice-scented water during our shower is also a great benefit to have too!

Milk Collagen Filter

Have been using for half a year and my kids love it so much that they remind me to top up when it’s out!

Impressive product

I have tried unscented shower filler and really like it. My skin is softer & moisturized. I will surely continue using it as one of my favorite item for my skin products.

Rose filter

Delicately scented. So far so good. Peace of mind to use a shower filter.

Collagen milk shower is refreshing

I love the after shower scent and it moisturises my skin. My family and I definitely love it!

Filter turned brown

Love the shower filter very much! My skin condition improved and i wont no longer feel dry. I didn’t even notice our water is so dirty till u saw the filter turned brown, make me feel so satisfied, haha..

Refresh Perfumed Shower Filter

The fragrance ain’t lasting & ain’t strong.


Love the scent, delivery was made to me within 3 days! Highly recommended.

Nice new fragrance

Loved it and will get more of the new fragrance to try!

Refreshing bath always

The milk shower filter has calmed my baby and Boy skin. After using a few days , my Boy say that his skin is not as itchy as before and I can see that his skin has calm down.. i can also see a difference in my baby skin .it was not as dry as before . Thumbs up for the nice scent as well! Will definitely repurchase again .

Nice touch to shower

Give it a try. It feels good. :)

Refreshing Lemon Essence

I just changed from Chanel Chance filter to the Lemon filter and found it to have a refreshing smell. Morning showers will now have a good β€œperk me up” vibe.

Love it!

Smells amazing and it works great for sensitive skin! Will definitely purchase again!

Nice smelling

Great smell! Comparable with the lavender (though lavender is still my favourite!)