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Our filters are designed to be children friendly as well and the gentle scents also transform a shower into a bonding experience between mother and child as it attracts active children into the shower during bath time!
With over 10 exclusive scents, these premium filters are products of Korea, one of the beauty and wellness centres of the world. Prized for their safe applications, our filters also remove chlorine and other harmful particles in water, in turn preventing eczema and rashes.

Refresh Wellness is committed to helping individuals around the world build closer and tighter relationships through wellness offerings. We believe that when people take care of each other, they will love each other more day after day.
Refresh Wellness, Caring through Wellness.

Based on 42 reviews

Love the filter, skin feels smoother after use

Family Bundle - Lavender and Rose

Good products especially Rose. Makes my skin soft and supple. both products also smell great!


Very nicely scented and my family loves it!


Smells good & feel good. Great for the family.

RW filter

V good filter and water is less harsh on hair and skin.

Very refreshing!

Body smells great even without adding soap! Would definitely make another purchase soon

I love it!!!

Live this product so much. My skin feels smoother now.

Just heavenly

Highly recommended. Not only does it purifies the water, my skin feels supple and moisturised instead of dry after my shower, my bathroom also smells heavenly sheet every shower. I look forward to showering every day soo good

Great product!

Tried the Rose scented shower filter and it really helped to moisturize my skin, on top of making every shower feel like a spa! Definitely will reccomend for personal use, makes a great, unique gift too!!

( Unscented ) LOW STOCK !! SELLING FAST !!

Fast delivery & good product

The delivery for my order is fast after i have completed my transaction. I love the smell of the rose and the whole bathroom has the rose smell while showering. My skin has improved a lot and not as dry as before. Even my hair get smooth & softer. Love it very much.


I enjoy the smell of Rose after shower. However, cost will definitely be a concern to customers who are thinking of making subsequent purchase. It will be good if we could enjoy the same 1st time trial purchase discount or more (if purchase more), as to encourage consumers to stay loyalty to the brand.

Prompt delivery

Prompt delivery. Had been using the filter for about 2 weeks. No significant improvement on the eczema yet, hopefully after using 1 filter there will be some significant improvement.

Shower pressure is gd but would be better if the shower head diameter can be bigger.

Nice scent

Love the scent coming out from the water. Not seeing much results on hair loss improvement but still enjoy my shower every day. Will buy again.

high pressure shower head

Tried many types of shower head and finally found this high pressure shower head in my favourite rose gold colour. The volume control function is so child friendly, gentle on my baby's skin. Recommend to all mummies!

My kids and I have eczema. However, after using the filter , we are healed! Our skin has never been so smooth before. It’s easy to install and it’s affordable than seeing doctor.

Smells good

Quite pricey and didn't see much result for my kids eczema. But I like the scent coming out from the water. Will consider to buy the other scents

Nice scent but...

It’s been 2 weeks into using the milk filter, love the scent but not sure how effective it is in the benefits described. The filter doesn’t seem to be able to last a few months as mine is already at its halfway mark just 2 weeks into using it for just the 2 of us using it. May repurchase in future if there’s good promotion.

Works for my sensitive skin!

Absolutely thrilled to receive it as a gift and used it that very day. The rose was a deal sealer. I’ve v sensitive skin and this product is in my approved list! I’ve only tried out the non scented one so far and it’s easy to fix in. Good for lazy people like me to skip the moisturizer after showers 😂



i haven’t open and use it. Bcos i’m bringing it back to Riyadh as i’m posted there.. Will advise you once i use it.. Trying bcos the water there are hard and dry..

must try

I love the smell that left behind after shower.
The bathroom now smell so nice and refreshing