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Our filters are designed to be children friendly as well and the gentle scents also transform a shower into a bonding experience between mother and child as it attracts active children into the shower during bath time!
With over 10 exclusive scents, these premium filters are products of Korea, one of the beauty and wellness centres of the world. Prized for their safe applications, our filters also remove chlorine and other harmful particles in water, in turn preventing eczema and rashes.

Refresh Wellness is committed to helping individuals around the world build closer and tighter relationships through wellness offerings. We believe that when people take care of each other, they will love each other more day after day.
Refresh Wellness, Caring through Wellness.

Based on 64 reviews
Mother's Day Special
Good scent and filter well.

It has good scent even after using for a month. I've tried tasting the filtered water and unfiltered water from the tap. It does its job well.

Amazing shower time

I suffer from eczema since young. Had been battling it for many years. When I came across refresh wellness filter, i decided to give it a try. No regrets at all..although i don't see results immediately, but i noticed my eczema doesn't flare up frequently. The best part is to have a relaxing shower after a long day work. Thanks refresh wellness and cheers!! :)

Chanel Chance Reviews

It is a pity that the smell is not strong enough, can't even smell the scent at all. Hope other filters will have better smells.

Best recommended

This is the best recommended product. My family try it and they love it especially the nutrients soap that help a lot on sensitive and eczema skin.


Makes my skin no longer as dry

very nice

i really love the smells coming out from the filter even though i’m not so sure does it have any effect to my skin or not but bathing with this filter it’s so therapeutic and i absolutely love it. i will write another review after using it for few months just to let you guys know the effect

Mother's Day Special

family love it a lot

Easy to install

Easy to install and use. Happy to continue purchasing for my kids' usage.

Reviews of RW shower filters

I have been using different brands of shower filters all these years. Bought and tried the RW lavender in the past two weeks. As compared to the previous brands I have used, the smell is sightly stronger and the water feels smoother. But, as claimed that one filter would last 4-6 weeks, so far, the filter is used half, for three persons and water of room temperature.
Will I buy again? Unless the deal is so good, if not, I might go back to the cheaper brands.

Nice experience

Product is satisfactory!

Like the rosy smell...

Like the rosy smell tho hasn't felt the smooth and moisturized feel...

My 2nd order

First time order i tried the lavender milk & it was so awesome the whole bathroom smells so nice. So i ordered another 5 sets of different scents especially the strawberry one! Acacia honey also smells awesome. Whenever i have a cut or burns/scalds, it seems to heal well & fast since i showered using the filters. Love them much!

Lavender +milk shower filter

This Is my 2nd order cos my kid like it I feel like the fragrance of the 1st is much more stronger n kid also say the1st order smell nicer too.. not sure why.. but over all is ok

A bed of roses

Love the smell and the service was great from the team too. This is my second purchase.

Never stopped using since

I was gifted 2 shower filters last December. Since then I’ve been ordering and stocking up the filters. I like that my skin feels less dry after showering and the scent relaxes me. Safe for my baby too! Will definitely recommend!


Smell so good and it really smooth the skin

Lovely fragrance

The moment you turn on the tap, the fragrance hits you immediately. It's very frequent and shin feels smooth after a shower

No more hair loss and softer skin

My son’s eczema has greatly improved and no more clumps of hair clogging my drain for me. No need for moisturiser and perfume because the scent last a long time. The bathroom smells terrific after every shower.


Great product but it tends to run out abit fast as it's used by my hubby n me and we showered at least twice per day... lol.

Ordered the lemon milk shower, but was out of stock. But love the recommended Lavender Milk. Thanks

Nice scent and reduced hair loss!

The scent is light and nice! I have observed significant reduction in hair fall during shower from the 2nd/3rd day onwards. One downside is the price point and 1 filter is only enough for about 26-28 days, usage of only once a day.

mugwort +milk

love the smell


Love the filter, skin feels smoother after use

Family Bundle - Lavender and Rose

Good products especially Rose. Makes my skin soft and supple. both products also smell great!