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RW Collagen Milk Shower Filter [Bundle Deal]

Bundle of 5: RW Collagen Milk Shower Filter

RW Collagen Milk Shower Filter [Bundle Deal]

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Lemon, strawberry and rose scented filters are currently out of stock.

• Kill 99.9% bacteria
• Remove chlorine, rust & dust from your water
• Moisturize your skin & prevent hair loss
• Improve acne, dry skin and eczema issues
• Provide quality sleep

• Suitable for all skin & ages
• SGD Laboratory & FDA certified
• 100% natural & organic
• Last up to 2 months (Depend on family size)
• Easy to fix (Do not require any tool)
• Enjoyable shower experience with unique scents 
• Universal fitting (Fit for all faucet/shower head)

How to install:

There are two ways of installation

• Install on the faucet area (recommended). It will be less bulky for your shower head.
• Install on the shower head.


Top 5 FAQ:

How long does the filter last?
Our filter last up to 1.5 months for scented ones, and up to 2 months for the unscented one. It depends on your usage period and the temperature of water used. 

What scents do you have?
We have a total of 8 scented and 1 unscented filters. Scented ones includes Lavandula, Sorrento Lemon, Baby Boss, Cherry Blossom, Earliglow Strawberry, Hy-brid Tea Rose, Manuka Honey, Peppermint Green Tea.

What is the difference between scented and unscented ones?
The main difference is scented ones have collagen and vitamin C but unscented ones do not have. Both types helps to remove chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful substances from the water. The scented ones helps in moisturise and soothes your skin and hair better. It also helps in improving eczema and hair loss condition.

I have sensitive skin. Which filter would you recommend?
We will advise you to get the unscented filter.

Which is your best seller?
Our top 3 best sellers are Peppermint Green Tea, Cherry Blossom and Lavandula. 


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Shower filter bundle
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