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Classic Sensitive-Free Unscented Filter

Classic Sensitive-Free Unscented Filter

Classic Sensitive-Free Unscented Filter

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🛑 Do you know how old and rusty your estate’s pipes can be, which causes your water to be accumulated with heavy metal and chlorine? 😰


Hard water makes many skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dry skin worse. It can leave the skin feeling drier and scaly with residue. People with these conditions used to get out of the shower and feel the need to moisturise ASAP to get rid of that tight feeling but those days are over. Coupling up an organic shower gel with filtered water is all your skin ever needed. 


Customer Reviews

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Unscented shower filter

Came out of the shower with my skin feeling smooth and not itchy, am looking forward to how it'll help with my eczema in the long run


on the pricier side for me, but it works so well and I don't mind it too much if I think about how much better my skin looks, feels and smells now. Might want to try other scents especially since I can store them away before finishing this one.

Unscented shower filter

Didn't think it'd make much difference, but I wanted to try something to ease my eczema and this was it! So glad to have tried this, it really does help, my skin doesn't feel as itchy and dry anymore which is a great improvement.

Miracle Filter

Came out frm shower with a nice smell & it really helps with my eczema👍🏻

unscented shower filter

works wonders for my skin. used to have rashes after showering, but after adding this unscented shower filter, my skin is rash free!