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Care package from @refreshwellness - love their shower filters! Have been using for a long time! This is their charity pack with face masks, hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial sticks!

by Tay Kewei

These shower filters from @refreshwellness are suitable for those family kind of gifts. They're suitable for both adults and kids.

by Cheryl Wee

This milk shower filter that attaches easily to any shower head, not only smells so amazing but also contains 100% natural antioxidants and vitamin C to revitalise, tone and firm your skin for a flawless complexion. Age defying ingredients to protect and nourish. It can even reduce the appearance of dark spots!!! a dream come true?

by Jamie Chua

Good for kids and adults! Many benefits on our skin!

by Bongqiuqiu

The strawberry one is really 💯. Your whole shower will be strawberry scented (not overpowering) and your shower experience is just enhanced. Gonna try the baby one tonight!

by Yankaykay

The shower filters from @refreshwellness smell so good!

by Siau Jiahui

Collagen Milk Shower Filters 😍 They have given me so many that i actually havent had a non-collagen filtered shower in a year! Thank you @refreshwellness

by Michelle Chong

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