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RW Collagen Milk+ Nutrients Shower Filter vs Nutrients Shower Filter

RW Collagen Milk+ Nutrients Shower Filter vs Nutrients Shower Filter

It’s been a while since we have updated the blog. How is everyone so far? Happy March everyone! It’s a new month which means new beginnings and many changes to come. 

Today, we are going back to our roots! Refresh Wellness has come a long way from our humble beginnings. After all, Refresh Wellness’ signature products are our shower filters and we can see this has remained our most popular product over the years. Currently, we have 2 types of Shower Filters available on our website - Collagen Milk+ 'Nutrients and Nutrients Shower Filter

Do you know what are the differences between the two?

Nutrients Shower Filter

Starting with the original shower filter, the shower filter removes chlorine and sediments like rust, dirt and water-soluble heavy metals from your water. It provides you and your family with cleaner water for a healthier shower experience. Each filter is packed with unique vitamins and nutrients for your skin. The good thing about Refresh Wellness’ Nutrients Shower Filter is that they are available in 5 different aroma therapeutic scents - lavendula, earliglow strawberry, baby boss, hybrid tea rose, and manuka honey. You can choose your most preferred scent in pampering yourself during your shower. 

Apart from being granted various aromatherapeutic scents that the nutrients shower filters have, they come with numerous benefits. One of the benefits include killing 99.9% bacteria, which is extremely important now that we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Listing a few other benefits, the nutrients shower filters are 100% natural and organic, suitable for all ages, calm irritated skin issues like eczema, moisturises your hair and regenerates your skin.

Collagen Milk+ Nutrients Shower Filter

Then you may ask, how is the Collagen Milk+ Nutrients Shower Filter different? Besides having the benefits offered by the Nutrients Shower Filter, each filter is designed to provide you with 200% MORE collagen milk+ nutrients on top of unique vitamins for your skin. Because of this, there is a 2x moisturization effect, making your skin more supple and youthful looking.

With our advanced Nano-Technologies, the new filter is able to absorb more complicated chlorine, rust and dust from your water. This is especially beneficial for you and your family members with skin issues such as sensitive skin and eczema. What’s more, on top of the 5 scents offered, Refresh Wellness has also come up with 2 new scents - Forest Wood and Green Lime. 

What does this all mean? Regardless of which shower filter you choose to purchase, Refresh Wellness provides you with a wide assortment of flavours to choose from. The tons of benefits provided cannot be replaced or neglected. 

Be it getting the nutrients shower filter for yourself or as gifts, they are suitable for every occasion. It is recommended that you get one nutrients shower filter, try it out and see the results for yourself before you purchase them for friends and relatives. Refresh Wellness rolls out campaigns every once in a while and the products will be packaged according to the specific festivities.

For a start, if this is your first time browsing through Refresh Wellness’ catalogues on the website and are thinking of which nutrients shower filter to get, no worries, we are here to help you make that wise and conscious choice. As a first-timer using our products, the most recommended product is the lavendula nutrients shower filter (worth $38). We believe that there is a reason why the lavendula scent is the one of Singaporeans’ favorites among all the other scents. Lavender is often associated with familiarity and comfort, bringing a calming and relaxing experience to you and your family. 

The original Nutrients Shower Filter series is also more cost-efficient than the Collagen Milk+ Nutrients Shower Filter series. You will not be missing any of the benefits that the Collagen Milk+ Nutrients Shower Filter offers. After you take a liking to the original series, we definitely recommend trying the boosted version! 

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