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    Lemon with Milk Benefits

    Lemon with Milk Benefits

    Lemon and Milk for Skin Whitening A Good Option For You?

    The use of lemon juice is a popular skin whitening option but does it work? The answer is yes! Lemons are a wonderful source of vitamin C, which is often included in the composition of commercial skin whitening creams.

    The simple topical application of lemon juice will deliver great results over time, especially if you have dark spots caused by aging or unprotected exposure to sunlight.

    Benefits of using milk and lemon

    Milk contains lactic acid that will exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and the protein and enzymes in milk will help to moisturize our skin. In addition, it will help to soften the skin to allow the lemon juice to better penetrate. Lemon juice is acidic and on top of also exfoliating the skin, it works as a bleaching agent to help fade uneven pigmentation.

    You do not need to use body lotion anymore.
    Get a moist and smooth skin from using only (RW) Refresh wellness LEMON MILK shower!