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    RW Singapore's First Branded Disposable Mask

    RW Singapore's First Branded Disposable Mask
    Let's fight against COVID-19 pandemic! Understanding the shortage of supplies, and masks, Refresh Wellness plans to step up and help.

    RW has announced to collaborate with one of the biggest mask manufacturers in China to produce disposable surgical masks to support the demand in Singapore and also send to affected countries. Besides, part of it will be donated to various charity organizations. So far one of the movements we have done is on 29 Feb 2020 with Pasir Ris GRC to distribute masks and sanitizers to residents in Pasir Ris. Currently, we are in the midst of organizing more charity campaign with various private sectors to contribute to society.

    It is available now for pre-order:

    Additionally, there are also specially designed kid mask and hand sanitizer to ensure that Singapore has enough supply to keep ourself clean and safe.

    Always apply the 3s - Stay home, stay clean, stay safe!