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Incorporating Peppermint Green Tea into your daily routine

Incorporating Peppermint Green Tea into your daily routine

What is the first thing you think of when Peppermint Green Tea comes to mind? Perhaps drinking it as tea?

🌱 Peppermint Green Tea is beneficial to your physical and mental health and well-being - creating remedies for your insomnia, stress, fatigue, stomach ailments and hormonal skin problems. However, Peppermint Green Tea need not just be consumed to reap the benefits and, for those who are averse to the refreshing and crisp taste of it or tea in general, there are an array of options to use Peppermint Green Tea without ingestion. 

Here are 3 different approaches to incorporating Peppermint Green Tea into your daily routines:



The most simple substitution for taste? Catering to your sense of smell - in the form of aromatherapy. 

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health and the best way to achieve that is through using essential oils. Dilute a drop or two when using diffuser or humidifiers and just relax on your bed while breathing in the aromatic and soothing scents wafting throughout your room, or you could also directly inhale or apply them to your skin. 

Another option is using candles as they are typically already coated with fragrance oils, or were created using essential oils themselves. Lighting a Peppermint Green Tea scented candle, and just soak in the perfect combination of lighting and aromatic scent wafting in the air created for your ideal relaxing space.

Treat yourself whenever you want, just remember to use them reasonably - like diffusing 30 minutes before sleep and not while you are actually sleeping for the best long-term effects! 



Another approach is by receiving a professional massage or giving yourself a massage - which works perfectly with aromatherapy. What better way to relax your stiff muscles than a good massage?

Massage oils can be used from pure essential oils or mixed with carrier oils to create the perfect relief potion and combined with direct skin contact - say goodbye to stiff back muscles and tense shoulders. Packed with antioxidants, receiving a massage using Peppermint Green Tea would protect your cells from free radical damage while enhancing blood circulation, substituting drinking tea while reaping the benefits. 

If ever you are feeling a little tired and in need of a good pick-me-up, massages are the way to go! As long as you have a bottle of massage oil infused with Peppermint Green Tea, you can relieve your stress and tension, even by yourself, anytime with ease.

Showers & Bath

After a long and tiring day, with our fatigue being nothing but a heavyweight on our shoulders, all we want and need is a nice warm shower to kickstart our relaxation process. What better way to enjoy your showers than with The World’s First Collagen Vitamin Shower Filter in PEPPERMINT GREEN TEA, providing the perfect combination of a gentle hydromassage and soothing aromatherapy all rolled in one. 

Peppermint Green Tea is beneficial to health with its soothing aromas to enhancing blood circulation and protecting our cells from free radical damage, but it also repairs damaged skin and treats rashes or itchy bites. The best part? You can enjoy these benefits without changing your routine - all have to do is turn the tap on and take a shower or bath like usual! 

Attempt these approaches - you will not regret it!

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