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Your Curated Self-Care Guide In 3 Simple Steps

Your Curated Self-Care Guide In 3 Simple Steps

Need some ideas to spend your well-deserved me-time?

Self-care is one thing that we never need to plan, if you want it, then do it. Not even the COVID-19 pandemic can take it away - all we have to do is find different ways to treat ourselves!! 

With phase 3 officially on the horizon, AsiaOne recently reported how phase 3 will be the ‘new normal’, guiding our lives until an effective treatment or vaccine for COVID-19 becomes broadly accessible. However, this change should not impact us in treating ourselves in any way. 

So, need some me-time? Here’s a short self-care guide curated just for you to pamper yourself comfortably and safely, wherever you are

Spas & Clinics

Kick-off your self-care journey with a professional luxury spa treatment! 

In the midst of phase 2, personal health and wellness business have re-opened and are up for visits. If you are looking to resume or start your professional spa treatment journey, don’t forget to double-check that your favoured clinic has proper hygiene protocols in place.

Even with pampering ourselves in mind,  it is nonetheless vital to protect ourselves as COVID-19 is still very present. Getting slowly acclimatised to these restrictions in place, there’s no doubt keeping our health a priority will not affect our need for luxury pampering - from facial treatments to a relaxing massage.

Create your very own spa environment at home or if necessary, even at work! 

Candles & Essential oils

Scented candles provide a lovely substitute in constructing the perfect ambience to relax your mind, body and spirit. In the comfort of your room, simply light any candle of your favourite scent and bask in soothing yourselves with a cup of warm tea for some downtime. 

If candles aren’t your cup of tea, essential oils are another superb substitution - all the more if you own a humidifier. Essential oils come in a wide variety of scents, scented candles can be made using essential oils too! Treat yourself to a relaxing evening while admiring sunsets from your window with your favourite essential oils scents wafting through the air. 

The best part? You can just lie back on your bed and not have to worry about extinguishing anything - just enjoy the therapeutic aroma present. 

Showers & Earliglow Strawberries 

Soaking in a relaxing bath with the ultimate ingredient to heighten your luxurious self-care experience - Earliglow Strawberries. 

Luckily, showers can now provide the same therapeutic comfort - with The World’s First Collagen Vitamin Shower Filter in EARLIGLOW STRAWBERRIES. Combined with milk and Vitamin C-infused water, your showers will be transformed to provide your personal lavish spa treatment!

Earliglow strawberries are firm, glossy, deep-red berries with a powerfully sweet scent that adds a luscious touch to every shower. Perfectly representing luxury, experience a royal pamper treatment all to yourself in your kingdom.

Bask in luxurious and therapeutic self-care treatments, and remember this - self-care isn’t selfish, in fact, we need to indulge more in loving and treating ourselves!

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