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Top 5 Home & Living Gifts For Your Ideal Bathroom

Top 5 Home & Living Gifts For Your Ideal Bathroom

11.11 is coming soon, and there have been so many early bird deals up for grabs!

Still, it can be difficult to think about what to get, especially when there are so many appealing and attractive items laid out just for you. If you’re looking to beautify your homes, especially your bathrooms for the upcoming X'mas seasons to impress guests or to just for a touch-up, then this is the guide for you.

Here are 5 home and living gifts you have to get either for yourself or even a loved one, to create the perfect bathroom space:

1. Vanity Sets

The most important essential every bathroom needs - a vanity set. Everyone needs a place to store their toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste for one, but having a vanity set would help to organise any other products you use for washing up! 

Another bonus? It creates a beautiful display when everything is neatly arranged and each piece compliments one another. 

2. Towel Sets

Everyone needs towels after showering or washing hands, and what better way than to get towel sets with all sizes you need at once?

RW Aquamarine Towel Set

If you’re looking for towels that also have anti-bacterial properties especially with the pandemic becoming a part of our lives, try out our Anti-Bacterial Fluffy Hand Towels available in the colours Aquamarine and Fuchsia pink - especially important for drying after we wash our hands!

3. Bathroom Mats

Placing bathrooms are an essential bathroom accessory, especially for families with young kids or for the elderly. Safety in the bathroom is also important, because wet floors always pose a risk, even at home!

And now, there are so many unique technologies and designs to ensure your feet are dried quickly whenever you come out of the shower - minimising any risks to one’s physical health. We just got to love cutting-edge technology sometimes!

4. Storage Racks 

When it comes to presenting bathrooms, especially when guests come over for festivities like X’mas, storage racks are your secret weapon to a beautiful bathroom. 

Of course, apart from its function of ensuring you can store your products, you can also store them in style or hide them away if you want - presenting a clean and well-organised looking bathroom with minimal effort. 

5. Shower Filters

Shower filters are becoming increasingly popular as with their all-in-one benefits, from removing heavy metals and chemicals like chlorine in our water to also providing scented water for at-home spa treatments whenever one takes a shower. 

RW Collagen Milk Shower Filters

A secret bonus - who needs a room freshener when you have your shower filters to treat yourself and relax, while also making your space smell really good?

That's right, scented shower filters can act as bathroom freshener as well! If you have a bathroom suite, it can even permeate to your rooms making both your bathroom and bedroom smell absolutely divine or refreshing. It’s really the best of both worlds, so why not try a shower filter with The World’s First Collagen Vitamin Shower Filter available in unscented or 8 different scents of your choice!

11.11 is the best time to secure any gifts, or self-gifts because self-love is important, at the best deals. Complete your 11.11 Wishlists now!

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