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5 Perfect Gifts Anyone Can Use

5 Perfect Gifts Anyone Can Use

Thinking of the best gifts to get this coming Christmas?

From Secret Santas to special presents for your loved ones, the best gifts are always ones that are useful and easy for anyone to use. Think about it, a special gift is one that comes from the heart and when thinking of that someone - it’ll be perfect to find a present that is practical with a touch of extraordinary. 

Here are 5 perfect gifts for those whom you don’t know terribly well or something all ages can indulge in:

Spa-Like Shower Heads

Shower heads may seem a little odd as gifts but they are practical and can be used by and for everyone! You don’t have to give just a plain-old shower head, now you can go beyond and give shower heads with multiple features and benefits.

Consider purchasing a shower head that produces a spa-like shower just like RW HIGH-PRESSURE MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SHOWERHEAD COLLECTION and at the best prices with Black Friday rolling in. 

With Korean technology worked into this luxurious shower head, your gift recipient, or yourself even, can enjoy showers like no other!

 Portable Handheld Fans

In a country, especially one as humid as Singapore, having a portable fan on hand can be a life saviour. The best part, it’s also perfect as a travel companion! Once restrictions change and new norms are in place, a handheld fan is an add-on you need for travelling, especially during the summer. 

Not to mention, handheld fans are safe even for kids and are so easy to use - making it both practical and suitable for anyone.

Heat-Changing Mugs

Buying someone a mug is quite a common gift, but why not take it a step further and get heat-changing mugs instead?

It’s a mug that changes appearance when you pour hot water inside, how cool is that! If you need a secret Santa gift that’s within budget but has a touch of magic, this is definitely a go-to present.

Classic & Themed Puzzle Boards

With many people being stuck at home, we all need something to pass the time and make sure we aren’t constantly hooked to our mobile devices and laptops. The best solution to that are puzzle boards! 

Perfect as a family gift, or to any individual even teenagers, puzzle boards may be simple yet they are definitely well-thought presents. If you are unsure who your gift recipient is, a simple puzzle board is good enough, however, if it’s meant for someone whom you know loves a certain fandom like Harry Potter, then grab a Harry Potter Puzzle Board and you can even build it together. 

Luxurious Shower Filters 

Lastly, but certainly not the least, a practical yet completely aromatherapeutic gift - shower filters.

Shower filters are increasingly a perfect addition to your bathrooms and showers being easy to install, use and change. They help to remove and heavy metals, rust and dust and are available in a plethora of choices from unscented to scented filters, and collagen milk to simply being a water filter. 

Perfect for everyone from kids to grandparents, these shower filters can be gifted in every situation, from Secret Santas to baby showers. If you want to treat someone, or even yourself, to a luxurious shower every time, try out the WORLD'S FIRST COLLAGEN VITAMIN SHOWER FILTER COLLECTION! You can even purchase Xmas Bundles instead of individual shower filters so all you need to do if just gift it to someone!

Now is the best time to start ticking off your Xmas wishlist, start your shopping now!

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