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The Perfect Remedy For Your Stress And Fatigue

The Perfect Remedy For Your Stress And Fatigue

Feeling stressed? Tired? Anxious? You are not alone.

The Straits Times recently reported on the emotional burnout felt by Singaporeans from all walks of life in this tough time.

Nine months into the COVID-19 pandemic, emotional stress from the reduced social interaction, exacerbated by the irregularity of working from home, has become a commonplace problem faced by many individuals.

In a time where the prospect of flying is still at bay and travel out of sight, the options for relaxation to alleviate such emotional stress and anxieties may seem be significantly limited.

Fret not! Below are three simple remedies for your stress and fatigue.

1. Workout

Swimming, cycling, yoga, HIIT. Which is your cup of tea? Workout is one of the best and most universal way to relieve your stress and fatigue since there is something for everyone. Exercising is a healthy way to uplift your mood as it triggers the release of endorphins, the body chemical equivalent of opioids, known to alleviate stress.

Some YouTube workout channels that we personally recommend are Pamela Reif and Natacha Océane.

2. Shower

Are you a bathroom singer? While screaming the lyrics of BLACKPINK’s latest drop at the top of your lungs under the running water can be cathartic, there are more benefits to a shower than functioning as your personal karaoke lounge. Cold showers surprise your body and raise your heart rate, resulting in heightened energy levels. On the other hand, hot showers relax your body by taking out the tension in your muscles.

3. Lavender

What is Lavender? A flower, a colour or a herb? All of it. The versatile Lavender is known for a range of therapeutic properties – from relieving exhaustion by improving sleep to alleviating mental stress by uplifting mood.

Adding lavender oil to your daily routine or lavender supplements to your diet is an extra step that may be a too much of a hassle for the fuss-free individual or rather, a frequently forgotten step.

Thankfully, we found the perfect remedy to your woes – The World’s First Collagen Vitamin Shower Filter in LAVENDULA is a one-step solution that offers you the best of both worlds. Simply fit it into your showerheads and enjoy a lavender-infused aroma shower. Now, you don’t have to step out of your house for a luxurious spa experience.

Furthermore, emotional stress and fatigue can easily show up on our skin but this Collagen Vitamin Shower Filter made with hypoallergenic ingredients and quality collagen milk vitamin may just be the secret to maintaining your youthful and glowing pre-COVID skin.

Your mind (and skin) will thank you for it!

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